18K Gold Ring, Cartier Jewelry

Cartier Les Oiseaux Libérés Parrot Ring 18K White Gold, Grey Mother-of-pearl, Emeralds

Les Oiseaux Libérés ring, 18K white gold, grey mother-of-pearl, emeralds, emerald beads, set with 147 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.00 carat.

Metal: 18k white gold (Size 55-EU weight 14.5g)
Diamonds:147 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.00 carat
Gemstones: grey mother-of-pearl,2 emeralds eyes,32 emerald beads

Flora and fauna have always captured Cartier’s imagination. Be it an animal’s movement or the delicacy of a plant, nature is a theatre and the Maison’s master jewellers reinterpret its many forms, in the expert tradition of Cartier style.

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